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This page allows you to generate strong passwords, which can be made up from a series of random characters, numbers and symbols making the passwords difficult to crack and impossible guess.

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Passwords have become an important and integral part of our day to day lives and they are required in order to perform a variety of online tasks such as checking your emails; online banking or registering a new account on a website.

When creating a new password it can be tempting, for ease of use, to opt for a short simple password, which is quick to type and easy to remember. However, this can leave you open to attack, so in order to ensure protection online, it is important that you opt to use longer, stronger passwords that are hard to exploit.

As a general rule the more characters added to a password the stronger it will be, but this is only true when the password string has some internal complexity.

For example, a sixteen letter password such as '8!%6iXUPyhTFrt3U' is much stronger than 'passwordpassword'. Despite having the same character lengths the first password has much higher complexity and randomness, so offers a much stronger password solution.

The random passwords created on this page offer strong protection against online attacks and security threats. In most instances, you will want to create passwords that are longer than 12 characters to ensure a good level of password strength and security.

Possible uses for the passwords generated on this page are:

  • FTP password credentials
  • Programming salts or keys
  • User accounts